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gps above and logger below

We had hoped to take a through train to Woolwich, but had to change at London Bridge

Celebrating Eid

Having fun


Cold up here!

Old Gun Pit PH

Cattle trough

Ladybirds and butterflies

Golden lamp

Striding past

Somali selfie examined

On the building on the left

Alexander McLeod

Eid is today

In 1868 workers founded the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society which eventually owned farms, bakeries and housing estates as well as shops.   A statue of one of the society’s founders, Alexander McLeod, stands above its listed Edwardian HQ in Powis Street, Woolwich, below the motto: “Each for all and all for each”.


Ice cream seller

Woolwich free ferry

Royal Arsenal Riverside

The Assembly

'Assembly' by the sculptor Peter Burke, and is intended to represent a group of people coming together. They’re partial body moulds, and are all men — there’s enough of an anatomy to check that.   The cast forms have been designed to be industrially produced and repeated to reflect the use of industrial production methods, and are bolted together using the convention for the joining of castings.   The brown weathering steel sits well in the partial heritage of the Arsenal with its heritage of industrial weapon making.   A spider has made a home in the head of one, which is a rather apt metaphor of people with a hangover.

The original Royal Military Academy, the Heritage Centre to the right

The Dial Arch and the Young's Pub called after it

Pint of Aspall's Cyder with lunch

In 1886, a group of workers started a football club in Dial Square in the Arsenal. The club soon adopted the name Woolwich Arsenal and even though it moved to Highbury in 1913 and long ago dropped Woolwich from its name, fans today still call Arsenal the 'Gunners'.

"The Guard House" now another Pub

Young's Pub where we had lunch

The restored RA Turret Clock

A better view of the entrance

The Woolwich Ship by Tom Grimsey
Commemorates the Royal Dockyard & its most famous ship 'The Great Harry 1512
Image result for embroideries heritage centre woolwich arsenal

We visited the Heritage Centre

There were wonderful embroideries of each of the royal dynasties.   Detail on the left taken from the web.

Saxon & Viking


Sir William Congreve's Rolling Ball Clock

Young's Ram


He volunteered to pose!


We caught a direct train home.