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windsor & eton

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

Limited gps points, logger below


A full-size replica steam locomotive GWR 3041 Class named The Queen

The Clewer Tower


Thames Street

Mini Scottish Guardsman

More bedding

We returned here for supper

We had excellent coffee here

The loo needed an entry code

Milk in shot mug/jug

Robinia pseudacacia


Bumblebee on hawthorn

Old Town Arms on Windsor Bridge 1822

Does this building fit in?

Jets flew over

The George, Eton High Street

The Eton Walkway

Items of interest on the Eton Walkway, sorry it is not readable...

A bar

A procession of dogs...

...Set them yapping


Swags of artificial flowers on a Gentleman's outfitters



Bunting left over from the wedding

Eton Chapel


Eton School 1440


The School

Convolvulus cneorum

Red horse chestnut

We sat on a bench opposite this view and had our picnic lunch.   Tuna mayonnaise and marmite sandwiches.

The river was as green as the vegetation.

We saw some dragonflies and damselflies

Eton Wall game location

Possibly Eton rowing blazers



Eton School Chapel

Under the bridge



Amphibious vehicle 'Duck'


Down an alley

Des-res by the bank and post box

Jersey Pearl Shop

Jersey Pearl Shop

Windsor Guildhall

Church door

The Last Supper in Church of St John the Baptist


Irish Guards Memorial


We had to take it...


Cat in the window

Family portraits and bunting left over from the Wedding in St. Albans Street

Windsor Castle - the very long view

Winsor Greys - Daniel and Storm

Carriage passes the pub where we had coffee and beer

Date palm

Bud with greenfly

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

Queen and a corgi

Water feature in the park

Hamptons Church Lane

Hydrangeas at the Museum

Visitors' entrance

PCs on guard


Awaiting custom

Girls love horses...

Resting a leg

Jumping for joy

In the Railway Station

American Indians

Café in the station

Grenadier Guardsman

Station roof

Lloyds Bank squirrel

We had an early supper at Weatherstones 'the King and Castle'and came home with very little waiting.

A very good day out, thanks Steve.