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The Gang of Four walked around Wheathampstead on Wednesday 15.7.20

We parked in the public car park behind the Bull Inn

The Bull

Artificial orchid

Cassidy & Tate not a good advert for an Estate Agents

Old wonky wall

Oriental lilies

Dog of Fo

Elegant door

At table no: 5

Wheathampstead Arms

Possibly a walnut

St. Helen's

Crowded yard

Toad cottage


Bell ropes

A crinkle crankle wall, also known as a crinkum crankum, serpentine, ribbon or wavy wall

St Helen's

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

Famous Wheathampstead residents

The Bull


G B S waiting for a train


The Bull and the boys

Conditions were not the best for photography, but I saw many new things and enjoyed the walk.