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Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

St. Mark's Kennington

Tombstones arranged along the perimeter


A reflection of a reflection

Interesting businesses

Perspex decoration

Rubbish in the window

Tasteful new building

Red camellia

Camellia in front garden

Ivy seeds

Very appealing terrace - a few distinguishing details on each of the houses

Tassels on the wooden inner shutters

Glad to see that good quality cider is featured

Calvary Church of God in Christ

Michael wanted one of these with a balcony

Alms houses and on left

Hellebore orientalis in Vauxhall Park

Weeping willow

Tudor mini village

Train in the playground

The 'Owls'

Vauxhall Tower

Hand reaches out of the garden


Very attractive neighbourhood used in films

Vauxhall railway station

Living wall

Blue tunnel


Interesting window grill

We had a good coffee in this excellent caff

Crocus vernus


No entry

Somewhere to eat next time


Vauxhall Tower and lamp

Peace sculpture

Water lily

Locking Piece by Henry Moore

Jeté (1975) by Enzo Plazzotta unveiled in 1985 model the dancer David Wall

Chelsea College of Art & Design was the RAMC College

Pollarded trees

St John's Smith Square

The Marquis of Granby where we had a club sandwich and a pint to drink (Mortimer's Orchard)

Looks like a tree, but it is Virginia creeper and a gap in the wall!

Lord North Street

Public Shelter in vaults under pavement in this street

Lord North Street

With his street

Lord Reith lived here

T E Lawrence lived here

Westminster School crest

Westminster school

Entrance to the cloisters

Westminster Abbey


Greycoat Hospital Comprehensive School for Girls

Modern glass

The Albert still looking good

More glass


We walked back down Victoria Street and took the tube and train home