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Starting at Baker Street, we followed the River Tyburn through Mayfair and Pimlico ending up at the Thames at Vauxhall. A walk covering some of the same ground can be found at:  http://www.catfan.co.uk/1.Catfan_mayfair.htm

Wetherspoons in Baker Street

Ladies' Powder Room

Ladies' loos

Bright bedding


Hanging out

Hanging basket


We don't stop to imbibe at the emporium

Butterflies in a haberdasher's window

On the 'phone

Smoking in the damp


We sheltered in the entrance to an office until the rain lessened.   People were taking the opportunity to have a drink

The River Tyburn

River Tyburn

Who wouldn't love him

Even the bins are harmonious

2 men in hats


Art from another angle

Mini balcony garden




William & Son

Coach and Horses - too much green around it...

Former tube station Down Street

Green wall using shrubs and herbaceous plants

The Athenaeum

Queen Victoria Memorial


Boy and kangaroo

Gutted building with outside supported by scaffolding

Day lily

Golden ballerina

Keep out!

We had an excellent meal at The Grosvenor PH