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Louisa cottages

Akeman Street

The Akeman family name was first used by descendants of the Pictish people of ancient Scotland. It is a name for someone who lived in Lanarkshire.
Akeman Street is a Roman road in southern England between the modern counties of Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire. ... Some have suggested that "Akeman" derives from the Anglo-Saxon words for "oak-man".

Having a fun day

Attractive shop

Waitress not actually with antlers...

Decoration in the excellent Black Goo Coffee Shop where we enjoyed a brew.   Johnny Cash said that in prison, the coffee was described as Black Goo.
A 'black goo' used by the ancient Egyptians to cover mummy cases was made from a mixture of animal fat, tree resin, beeswax and crude oil ...   Probably not what inspired the naming of the Coffee Shop.  

Droopy candles


Fire engine and ambulence

Helenium autumnale

Friends of Freddy

In 1704, Sir William bought the lordship of the manor of Tring and built Tring Park.

The Gore Memorial

Sir William Gore of Tring Park and his wife Elizabeth. Gore was Lord Mayor of London and a successful statesman until he was forced from office on charges of corruption.

Church of St Peter & St Paul

There was a church recorded at Tring in the Domesday Book of 1086 but most of the attractive building we see today is a product of the 15th century.

The church was rebuilt in the 13th century.  The 13th century building was enlarged in the 14th century when the striking west tower with its external stair turret was built.   The nave, south porch, south aisle, clerestory and chancel are all products of the 15th century.

The Rose and Crown built by Lord Rothschild

Tuberous begonias



Memorial Gardens




Clematis vitalba - Travellers' Joy


We did not see this zebra camel hybrid

Sumptuous Jensen

Jeep in a sound tomato red