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Logger of the trip above

Hemerocallis ''


Enorma ball

Daisy - a bichon frise

We travelled from West Hampstead on the Overground to Stratford.   It was so bright that I could not see anything on the back of my camera, the composition is mostly accidental...



A green wall

In the mall

In the café, we had mini coffees about half a pint!

Joan Littlewood

Swan pedaloes

The children were having trouble pedalling

Natural planting



Red hot pokers

Tessa Jowell Boulevard tribute to a great lady


Species Iris

Pit bull

Pity about the shadow


We had hoped to have lunch at The Tiger, but it only offered pizza and burgers.   We walked on to Hackney - Mare Street and had lunch at the Weatherspoons.   Some of us were tired, but after the rest we took the Overground from Hackney Central and arrived home in good time.   The cats were waiting...