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st pauls

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We went on a trip with the U3A starting from London Bridge

Painted Lady found on the compact flash

Rosa 'Tottering by Gently'

We started the walk with coffee at Hay's Galleria in what used to be Hay's Wharf


HMS Belfast




Colour added and the Walkie Talkie

Southwark Gateway Needle

Silver Shard

1 Blackfriars - the pregnant skyscraper


The Monument

This enlarges

A dragon



London's Burning

Where the fire started

The cat on the right was a lucky inclusion

Botolph Alley

Church of St-Mary-at-Hill

Stained glass around the window





This enlarges considerably

Old Billingsgate

Billingsgate Weather Vane

Hay's Galleria where we started our walk

HMS Belfast camouflaged against the buildings

Silvery Shard

Art and some U3A members

Tower of London


We left the group and set off for St Paul's

The Visor




Cat and the fiddle/cello

We had a steak and ale pie at a Nicholson Pub Williamson's Tavern




On the roof of St Paul's

Inside St Paul's

This enlarges

Samuel Johnson



Mother and Child by Henry Moore

Based on the exterior of the Cathedral, I didn't expect the interior to be so gaudy

The other side


John Donne poet and Dean of St Pauls from 1621-1631

J M W Turner

Joshua Reynolds in the crypt

Old photo


604 St Paul's founded by King Ethelbert of Kent.  

c.680 St Erkenwald Bishop of London re-establishes the cathedral

Exhibition of individual views of the cathedral

Gates to the exhibition

Nelson's tomb

Love these gates

Peter could not find his ticket so he had to buy another.   Fortunately he found the original one on the way home and got a refund at St Albans station.