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Liverpool Street Station

Wetherspoon's Hamilton Hall

Sinners smoking in the wet

Great Eastern Walkway

Broadgate Venus by Fernando Botero (born Colombia, 1932)

A similarly voluptuous lady seen in Koln.   see:  http://www.fands.org.uk/1.FANDSRailway-hols.htm


'Eye 1' 1993

Bishopsgate Library

Woodins Shades - we returned here for lunch

For many years, The Woodins Shades has been a favourite meeting place for the traders of Petticoat Lane and Spitalfields Markets. Petticoat Lane is a historic Sunday street market but in the Middle Ages, it was a tree-lined country road called Hog's Lane, possibly because pigs were kept in nearby fields. A map of 1608 shows that by then it had acquired its 'new' Peticote Lane name, a name perhaps derived from the sellers of clothes.

Swedeland Court

King's Stores

We had coffee here at Dirty Dicks

With and without a figure

Honest Burgers Widegate Street,

A bas relief on a building.   Stages in producing bread - flour to loaves

Appropriate shop for Artillery Passage

What is it, apparently from side on it is a dog!

Angela Flanders London

Spiral flexes for the toasters

Yotem Otolenghi's shop

Yotem Otolenghi's shop

Nice bit of yellow

Coffee, tea and chocolate shop at 3 Fournier St, London E1 6QE

Verde & Co Ltd

Tea plants - Camellia sinensis

Eleven and a half

Tent covering a hole

Copper lamp

Squashed car, Ely's Yard





Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, 1st Baronet was an English Member of Parliament, brewer, abolitionist and social reformer. Buxton was born at Castle Hedingham, Essex.

Truman's sign


There were quite a few of these about

Grey Eagle Street - not very inspired

Orange for Michael

The bow from behind

More orange

Handsome lad

Not sure what this is, maybe a large chiwawa

Outside Dennis Severs house awaiting entry

Gas lamp

Egyptian knocker

Ford Thunderbird too wide to park in the road

Woodins Shades for lunch

A frothy beer

Window box from the inside

I don't know why I took this

Christ Church, Bishops Square & 'I Goat' statue

The Spital Charnel House details above which enlarge enough to read

'Frame Break'

Dennis Severs house with runner beans

Warehouses and guard/drunk

Ferns in the wall

My parrot

50 Storey apartments Bishopsgate

The Crown and Shuttle

Very narrow house

The photographer in the next picture was capturing the scene above, but what for?

Life is short Cake first

Chance Street - lovely colours


It really annoys me that scribblers should deface such excellent artwork

Savage cat

Shoreditch High Street

White Swan

On the way home Michael was a good Samaritan to some Aussies taking them to the Ardmore House Hotel