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The Gang of 4 went up to London on one of the coldest days of the year, we started at Westminster Bridge and walked to London Bridge


The wheel and County Hall


The wheel


Lion on the south end of Westminster Bridge

Igloo decor

Snake made from cement and artificial grass



Baobab tree

Official graffiti

Hefty ladies

Art in the Wild | gallery@oxo | South Bank

We enjoyed some marvellous wildlife photography and stunning printing by Roger Hooper at this exhibition.   http://www.rogerhooper.co.uk/

Art in the wild | gallery@oxo | South Bank

Handsome pigeon

Seen on a van

The river

Classic portico


View of the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's from the cafe inTate Modern on the left; snackers on the right



Birches outside the Tate Modern with different treatments

Golden Hind replica


Golden Hind reflection

The Mudlark

We went to Borough Market which was quite empty, though there was far too much polythene and labels about for good shots

Selling cheese and sausages

Veggie stalls


Romano peppers

Crab claws

Red gurnard

Flower stall


George Inn


The Shard and below from London Bridge Station

George Inn

Entrance to the Shard