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Steve, Peter & Helen joined a walk led by Anthony Epes to produce pictures for the Charing Cross Road Photography Exhibition to be held at Foyles Book Shop

We arrived early to take more advantage of the soft morning light

Leicester Square

The Round Table

Two Londons

Adds for musicals

The Salisbury

Police going for a coffee

Window decoration at the Salisbury


Narrow alley

Alley with garments

Goodwin's Court

Goodwin's Court - looks wider than it was

Roses in the window


Snogging is healthly

Smart car sports version

Pavement restaurant

Telephone box reflection


The Porcupine

Wonderful pastries - how do they cut them up so perfectly?

Vibrant colours of Chinatown and portrait of a photographer

Chicken, horse, ? ?

Dragon gates

Stone planter -  I've introduced some colour

We saw this appliance return from duty or a recce

Norman's Pub

Red and Green

Molly Moggs - a gay bar

We walked up to Foyles and waited outside for the rest of the people coming on the Photographic walk.   We set off about 8.40 in one group as there were only 18 of us  


Lovely in the sunshine

Roof gardens  

Pillars of Hercules

Yesterday's rubbish

Artificial moth orchids

The morning after

Even the rubbish co-ordinates

Two from the group


Garlic and Shots

Window abstract

Three fed up men and a dog

Too much

Table and chairs

It is Soho...

Art (a collage) at Horse & Dolphin Yard.   What does the collage represent?

Chinese grocer - most of the buildings in the yard were painted a wonderful lacquer red

Golden Lion Public House

Window ledge palm

Plastic roof

Designs for Chinese cakes

Fo pup under the paw of a dog of Fo

The other dog of Fo with a ball under its foot

Ginko Biloba

The colourful shops from the other end

Window flowers



We went off to Covent Garden for more snaps and a very good lunch.   I had a Portabella Burgher; Steve an American Burgher and Peter lasagne.   It was along time since breakfast at 5.30

Colourful buildings seen from  Denmark St.

Notices on the wall

The alley looking towards Centrepoint

Back yard

Another alley



Steve ignoring the grafitti

Seat for drinking?

Two Seats

Graffiti spider?


An architect's front door

We have seen a similar style of graffiti in the Brick Lane area

A David Austin Rose

Iris foetidissima

Phlomis fruticosa

David Austin climbing rose

Phoenix Gardens - there were some other colours apart from yellow and most of the plants were scented.   http://www.thephoenixgarden.org/

Sundials on an obelisk

Bas Relief - click to enlarge

Metal sculpture and reflections

Colourful shop signs

Dog Shop

Running Dog - serendipity or art?

Artificial flower

Gold and Silver statues getting ready to pose


All the colours

Pearly King and Queen


Nightclub entrance



St Martin and the Beggar

The Red Arrows

We went up again on the 21st June to see our pictures hung in the exhibition at Foyles.   Anthony kindly provided some excellent white wine


My pictures in the exhibition on the right.   The pictures below taken with my snapper

No Parking

Chinese red

Blue door

Silver Lady

Golden man

Coal Miner

John Depp





Watching the feet go by


Apple Market Covent Garden

Harmonious shop-front

Reflection in a fairly clean car

Whynot what!

Different lighting from our last visit

Attractive light

Bicycles promoting a Café

Pedestrians match the paintwork

Good garden

Hairy Legs

Fire-breathing orange dragon

Children's Café

Seven Dials

Centrepoint in the background

Friday evening coffee

Neal's Yard and the four pictures below

Bas relief

Reflection Denmark Street

Guitars in Denmark Street

We went along to Foyles for the exhibition then had a meal in Bella Italia