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It rained for most of the time, so we keeping spots off the lens was a problem.   We found graffiti around every corner which was very exciting.   It seemed a pity not to include most of them even if there are rather too many...   Some of the best artwork had been tagged on by vandals.

Excellent advertising on Shoreditch High Street

Bikes and graffiti

Wonderful graffiti




Fruit and Veg

Shoreditch Greats?

Peruvian wall-hanging at Andina 1 Redchurch Street

Lights at the Peruvian café

Wrapped furniture

Artwork or accident?

Traditional factory


Reflection in the car park at the corner of New Inn Yard and King John Court

Steve checking his reflection shot

Graffiti in the car park

Norman or alien?

Train, Bus and Cars

Conventional graffiti

The Mission

Which girl or all girls

From   ianVisits

The tube trains are functioning offices.   However, while the idea of working in a tube train may sound delightful, they can be punishingly cold in winter, and roasting hot in the summer months. Access is also only possible via a narrow spiral IMG_0087staircase.   People working in them also have a habit of repeatedly banging their heads on the old hand grips that were once used by passengers hoping to avoid falling over.   The trains themselves are four ex-Jubilee line models, purchased for just £100 when the Jubilee line opened with shiny new trains. However, it was to take three years of planning applications before they were eventually craned up to their new home, sitting on top of old railway sleepers.   Overall, the project ended up costing nearer to £10,000.


Two sit raised up higher on a modern cabin office block, with the lower two being more arty and covered in paintwork, with a small garden space.  It is raised up higher on a modern cabin office block, with the lower two being more arty and covered in paintwork, with a small garden space.

The spaces themselves are generally rented out to the more creative sorts, and there is a strong sense of community built up, as exemplified by the garden space, and old bbq in the corner.   Two of the trains have drivers cabs, although one is sealed off — so obviously, any visitor will want to sit in the cab and pretend to be about to drive a tube train off the end of a railway viaduct

Access for the public is very restricted. Apart from the physical difficulty, these are working offices, and they can’t let people just casually wander around. So don’t be one of the many people who regularly buzz the bell asking for a look around.   The site may be open next year, for Open House Weekend.

On the top of a lofty building

More graffiti




Japanese style courtyard

Horrid posts through her face (New Inn Yard)

Original site of the Globe Theatre

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter

Curtain Road School - Infants

Barley Mow PH

We did not visit, but it looked interesting

Oil on water

We saw this red circle sign of the Red Market

and found yet more graffiti

Beetle and Scull

Squirrel again

Looks fun

Yellow Bird

 Michael harmoniously dressed


Glasses in the rain

Interesting arrangement of bikes

Fantastic animals and Cupid

Cupid to the pigs

Wrote about heroin addiction

We've seen this character before


Large fish eat smaller fish


If you believe it does not have to be true... with umbrella



Wonderful colour

Checking the camera at our lunch stop, Maison Trois Garçons

The artwork on the left was dedicated by a Father to his Son Joe who took his own life on 21.6.2013

Beetle doorknob

Galleon at Sea

Kitchen utensil shop

Gnome and an ash-tray with fag ends


Burning boat

Window cleaners and their mobile ladder

To a night club?

Something different

Vulture visiting from Brick Lane

Tattoo Parlour

Man with Spade

Balcony with washing


Wall pictures done in mosaic outside a primary school


Highly scented red rose

More mosaics outside another school arranged along the outer wall

Another vulture

Over the railway?

Buy plimsolls here


An appealing fox


Yellow fox this time

What is this about?

We now turned into Brick Lane and visited sites we had seen before.   Most of the graffiti was new.

Powerful face

Entrance to a kitchen

White tiger

Deputy Dawg?


Tits, booze & graffiti - all bad?

Interesting structure


Truman's eagle

Space attack

Sophisticated decoration



Huguenot houses

Swedeland Court EC2