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royal college of physicians

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Colour is enhanced a little on the Francis Crick building.

A line of taxis outside St. Pancras

Francis Crick building

A living wall - bergenia, heuchera and geranium

Contrasting shapes

Convolvulus cneorum in the wall

Enjoying the artificial grass

Cod decor?

Sound yellow

Children loved playing in the fountains at Granary Square

Granary Square

Soundbridge 2025 plaque on the left taken from Granary Square: commemorating an international research project investigating culture-led city regeneration.

Builders' Claim

The coloured glass again

Road full of interesting houses, possibly due to be cleared and developed.

Plaques below on the newer yellowish building on the right of the  middle of the picture on the left.   Maker of the plaques www.artyfac@co.uk

Sunny Alley

Fine front door

Good hanging baskets on the Prince Arthur

Eagle at the Royal George

Robert Stephenson outside Euston Station

He saw me

More art?

Blues and greens

Bas Relief in the shade


Handsome House

William Harvey

Part of the collection of apothecaries' jars

William Harvey and his lecture pointer passed down to later Presidents

Oldest piece of hallmarked silver

President's Robe

Portraits of former Presidents

Possibly Harvey as well

Lights on

Lights off

Through the window to the garden



Veins and arteries from an actual body

We were shown around the garden by a toxicologist, appropriate as there were many poisonous plants growing in the beds.

Silver birch

Arundo donax variegata

Double hollyhock

We had lunch a late lunch at the Green Man.   Usual sausage and mash and ale pies, very welcome as Michael and I were really hungry

PO Tower and bikes

What a colour!


Interesting lamps

Reflection of the PO Tower

Peter had broken his glasses early in the trip.   Steve's sharp eyes spotted an opticians and Peter could see on the return journey.