Rotherhithe to Tower Bridge

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rotherhithe to tower bridge


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Walk led by Michael for the SACC on 14th August 2013

We went on a walk round Wapping in April 2012 covering some of the same ground.   http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_Wapping.htm

Panorama taken near the Angel

Cyclist on roundabout

The Ship PH

What is the name of this pub?

Brunel Museum where we met up with Henry and had refreshments

Brunel Museum

Side door of the Mayflower

The Cheese-grater, does not look finished

Prince's Tower


Elegant lamp

The Angel

West Highland terrier and his family

The Shard dominates

Hebe variety

Desirable residence


Razor wire

Solarised version

Hemerocallis variety

Buddleia davidii growing out of the embankment

River Police Station on the north bank

Monarch of all he surveys

Snaky seating


Graffiti detail

Contrasting buildings

Reflected in the door

We all loved the bridge

Cable Swing Bridge at Butler's Wharf

Rather depressing flats

Bridge detail

This enlarges enough to read

The Girls

Sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi

Inscription on the sculpture:

 Through human genius in its various inventions with various instruments may answer the same end, it will never find an invention more beautiful or more simple or direct than nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing superfluous - Leonardo da Vinci

Chain of lights

Paddle boat


It's the Girls again!

Long slot

Enjoying photographing the fountain

Gargoyle on Tower Bridge

Silver shard and the Visor

Wedding Photo Shoot

Snapping the wedding photo shoot

Grab shot - pity about the people behind

The Navigators' Boat

The Navigators

Hay's Galleria

Thames Barge

Family Portrait


Streaming over London Bridge

Agapanthus on the south bank

The former Billingsgate Fish Market

Minster Court, Mincing Lane - neo-gothic with Disney
20 Fenchurch St.

Bricks 'n smarter

The building with more up top

Cat with Cello

We had an excellent meal at a Weatherspoons, unusually everyone had a pint!  

There was hardly any time to wait to catch a train home, it was a very well organised day indeed