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rotherhithe downriver

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We travelled by Thameslink and Overground and Underground to Rotherhithe and had coffee at the Brunel Museum

Sunflower at the Brunel Museum

Brunel Museum

The tunnel under the Thames

Marc Isambard Brunel born in Normandy

The Shard shining in the sun

Pilgrim and boy

Pilgrim and boy

High and dry among the tyres

Steve framing a shot

Sunshine Weekly & the Pilgrim's Pocket

Contents of his pocket

Green and black

Some very interesting pebbles on the riverbed


Bikes at the ready

Ropes and chains



Pressure cleaning the swivel bridge

Abandoned bike

Possibly a Buckeye - Aesculus pavia

Old Salt Quay Umbrellas

Gang of Four




Cobaea scandens

Empty dock

Like the colours

Michael getting down and possibly dirty - my version below


Canary Wharf

We hoped to have lunch here, but it was shut

A duck house with ornamental heron


Thames Path to the right

Jetted penthouse looks a bit scary

Handsome avenue

Surrey Docks Farm

We had lunch at the Surrey Docks Farm.   Rabbit stew or wild mushroom risotto.   There was squeezed orange juice.   They re-cycled their tins and used  jam jars for water.

Fox and Geese


Entrance to the farm

Crumbling Crane

One of the arms of the crane

Tropical Mural in English colours

Graffiti - pity about the railings


More bikes

Bridge and Michael


He wanted to come out and play

He did not manage to lift the ski out of the water


'Philip Larkin' and friend

Cormorant on a bike

Peter and Michael

The bridge

We went home on the underground from Surrey Quays