regents canal

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regent's canal

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SACC walk led by Michael from Warwick Avenue to Granary Square along the Regent's Canal

Managed to mess the gps up again...

Warwick Avenue

Hibiscus syriacus

Cafe on the canal

http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_Regents-C-to-St.P.htm for a previous walk about 10 years ago

Mighty sunflowers

Entrance to the canal path

Pila lana rubra

Campsis radicans - Chilean Glory Vine

Mini gardens all along the towpath opposite the moorings

Succulent collection a bargee's garden

It's a pig!

Regents Canal Gate


Under the bridge

Burnt out...

Fast barge


Des Res

Interesting chimneys

Classical style

Canal bus

Macclesfield Bridge


Macclesfield Bridge is more commonly known as 'Blow up Bridge'

At 3am on 2 October 1874, the boat Tilbury, carrying gunpowder to a quarry in the Midlands, exploded, demolishing the bridge and killing three people. Locals sprang from their beds, fearing an earthquake.   When the bridge was rebuilt, they turned the pillars around so that they offered a smooth surface for boats' towing ropes, Look out for the rope grooves on both sides of the pillars.

Cruise Boat turning by the Chinese floating restaurant

Friesian cow


Patterns in the duckweed

We have seen this cat about

Punt hire with serenade

Artist on her mobile phone

Pirates Castle

Glorious colour

We had a drink in Yumchaa a café upstairs in Camden Lock



In the old stables

Shoeing a horse


Bat Cat

Another mobile phone

A shag dropped in before I was ready to take the picture


Unusual housing

Gas Holder Park



Double Adrian

Granary Square

We had a look at food in Granary Square, finding it expensive we went to an Italian restaurant at King' Cross