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Peter's map, my gps failed

Definitely a tick



Bicycle Pumping Station

Arcade off Jermyn Street

Grenson boots

Paper flowers



The Albany


King and Queen by Lynn Chadwick under the clock

Fortnum & Mason's clock
The partners come out on the hours.   We were lucky to be passing at just the right time.
In April 1951, the Canadian businessman W. Garfield Weston acquired the store and became its chairman following a boardroom coup In 1964, he commissioned a four-ton clock to be installed above the main entrance of the store as a tribute to its founders. Every hour, 4-foot-high (1.2 m) models of William Fortnum and Hugh Mason emerge and bow to each other, with chimes and 18th-century–style music playing in the background. Since Garfield Weston's death in 1978, the store has been run by his granddaughters, Jana Khayat and Kate Weston Hobhouse.   We did not know about the spiral staircase, picture from the web.

In the gateway to the Royal Academy

Phone box there too

Piccadilly Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Mothers and babies

We had coffee at this charming pub

Edward Hyde first Earl of Clarendon (Photo-shopped or something older)

The Goat


London map on the ceiling

Albermarle Arcade

A little over the top...

Royal Institution

We visited the Faraday Museum

Faraday on the right

I love this one



Christmas decoration

It was not animated

Supplying gowns to the Royals


I have mixed drinks about feelings

Our comfortable sofa and lunch table

He moved

Individual booths

Duke of Argyll




Not Rufus but Charles James

Reflection I did not want, I was snapping the lights

The Three Greyhounds

Seven Dials



Neale's Yard

Crazy Pig Design




Ship Tavern

Enemies 1, 2, 3.

It was getting colder and darker so we came home