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museum of london & tower bridge

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The Barbican

Purple pots

Union - Horse with Two Disks by Christopher le Brun

Museum of London  
Beasts of London



Bones of an elephant's foot

Crossing the marsh by building wooden trackway made from alder brushwood

Horse skeleton - a male small horse/pony 7-8 years old height 12 3/4 hands


Bridging the Thames  

The Thames in AD 50 was about 300 meters wide at low tide (compared with 100 meters today)   At high tide it would have been over 1,000 meters with shallow water covering lowland Southwark.   The river was tidal in the City area with a minimum rise and fall if about 1.5 meters

Ancient wall

Donkey powered grain mill

Roman floor

Skeleton of a woman


Gold Brandy Wagon

The Globe


Oliver Cromwell

Gerard the Giant c 1670

This figure stood in a niche on the front elevation of Gerard's Hall in the city of London.   Legend had it that a giant had lived in the building.   A medieval crypt on the site survived the Great Fire 0f 1666, but was removed in 1852 as part of a street widening scheme.

Pleasure Gardens Vauxhall


Left arm spin bowler?

Tobacco & Snuff

Aldersgate Flame

This enlarges enough to read

Solarised understructure



St Alban




Police parking on a double yellow






Left in the road

St Stephen's Walbrook

Silk flowers

The dome


Pulpit in almost black wood or is it painted?

Wonderful organ

Charming little house

Nicholson's 'The Ship' where we had lunch

Spiral staircase

Ethereal building

and another

The crypt of All Hallows- by-the-Tower

Alabaster panel

All Hallows-by-the-Tower, also previously dedicated to St Mary the Virgin and sometimes known as All Hallows Barking, is an ancient Anglican church on Byward Street in the City of London, overlooking the Tower of London.

Ceramic poppy

Toc H was named in memory of Gilbert Talbot, son of Edward Talbot, then Bishop of Winchester, who had been killed at Hooge in July 1915. The founders were Gilbert's elder brother Neville Talbot, then a senior army chaplain, and the Reverend Philip Thomas Byard (Tubby) Clayton. Talbot House was styled as an "Every Man's Club", where all soldiers were welcome, regardless of rank.

Tower Bridge

pictures taken from the high walkway

Horace Jones architect of Tower Bridge

Glass floor in the walkway

Kaleidoscope effect

Spiral staircase


The Engine House

Manchester steam Boiler



Pressure Vent


It was getting darker and colder, we went home after a good day out.