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mile end

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Red Admiral in our garden

Green Bridge

 focal length 42.2 mm


Sephardic Jewish Cemetery

Bowl for washing before and after visiting the cemetery

Clement Atlee

Daniel Mendoza

Daniel Mendoza was an English prize fighter, who became the 18th boxing champion of England from 17921795. He was of Sephardic or Spanish Jewish descent.  

Height:  1.7 m and Weight:  160 lb (73 kg)




One for Matthew

Hall of Residence QMC

Focal length 62.1 mm

Entering Weatherspoons

We had coffee


Some beautiful houses on Stepney Green

Queen Anne mansion

Dog's business

Art Nouveau tower to commemorate Stanley Atkinson


Lion detail from just under the roof on the right hand side.

Focal length 83.9 mm

Former synagogue converted to flats


I just liked it!

On a Trinity House Charity


St Dunstan Stepney.  "When will that be, say the Bells of Stepney"

Old fashioned HT rose

Whitechapel Road - The only good graffiti we saw


At the city farm.   He moved...

We were looking for a pub for lunch, but in a Muslim area there were none

East London Mosque

Jack the Chipper

We enjoyed lunch here

Ceiling map

The workers

Golden crane

Bas relief cockerel on the bottom of the cone!


Petticoat Lane

Pink building

Focal length 83.9 mm

Rudbeckia species possibly deamii

Glimpse of the Gherkin

Unexplained graffiti


A Nicholson Pub

The first train was cancelled on our route, but a faster one came only a few minutes later, so a good trip home.