Medical walk

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medical walk

My GPS did not work, so this is Steve's map.   Steve organised the walk.

Walk arranged by Steve for the gang of 4 on 2nd August 2013

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Lunch spot

Stranded house with excellent garden

Huge perennials - hollyhocks, rudbeckias with roses, oleanders and pelargoniums

Immortalizing another dodgy sofa too wet to attract a sitter

Bike arrangement

Is this creature smoking or has it got horns?

Chimney pots

Green bike

Keep left

Taking the definitive shot

Boris bikes

Mittal Children's Medical Centre

We came back to this pub for lunch


Bikers' Church

Lining up a candid shot

The Queen's Larder above right - The pub takes it's name from Queen Charlotte, wife of the 'Mad King' George III, who was receiving treatment for his apparent insanity at a doctors house in the square.   The Queen assisted in the nursing of her husband, by cooking for him and rented a small cellar beneath the pub, where she kept special foods for him.

Matthew the angel

Mark the lion

Luke the ox

John the eagle


I like the flower pots

Humphry by Marcia Debra Solway in a playground

Humphry, a ginger tom, was the resident cat at the Mary Ward Centre, Queen Sq., WC1, named after the founder. 

This area was his hunting ground.   He was a champion mouser

John Bunyan


Another bike for the collection - this time orange

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Handsome lads


Just sitting

Pleasing building

Post it art

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Excellent loo

Camdonian by Barry Flanagan

Blue and gold

Decorative glass

Lamps - Japanese restaurant in Red Lion Street

More seats

Conway Hall

Decorative vase on the parapet

Three lamps

Crest on the Italian Hospital in Queen's Square

With a spool and flex


We had good lunch at the Queen's Larder.

Clown doll

Clown doll

Clown doll

Pub table

The Lamb

The Lamb - an unspoiled vintage pub

An adult cannot visit Coram's Fields without a child, so maybe this is the answer for one day

Doughty mews - lots of good plants

Phormium seed pods

Palm fan

Hydrangea 'Annabelle'

Bryony curl

Bust in the window

Pink pelargonium

Spiral staircase

We had a good coffee here

Mattresses and sofas

Large onions

Solanum species

This may be a snake, but I prefer to think of it as a mummified cat

The Calthorpe Project was opened on 29.9.1984.   The project is funded by the London Borough of Camden.   Local people fought and won against office development and created these community gardens, play space and under fives' area.

Not quite sure what this sculpture represents

Excellent mosaic


What a handsome boy!


Fairy Tale

Mr Toad



Pink lion

Magnolia grandiflora

Echinacea at The Marchmont Community Garden


Hollyhocks - good planting thanks Camden Council

Bas relief

This many shades of green Saab can be seen on Google

Another bike on the railings


The Archangel Gabriel by Emily Young - bombing memorial

Church Doors

St. Pancras - 'Fairy Castle'

In St Pancras' foyer - decorated column

A bas relief around the base of the 'The Meeting Place' by Paul Day at St Pancras Station


'The Meeting Place'

Travelling on a cloud


We made do with the train and returned home after a very good day out.