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My gps failed;  this is Steve's map of the day out


Gees Court - alley to St Christopher Place

St Christopher Place

We rejected this loo as it cost 50p per pee

Lamb and Flag PH

Brown Hart Gardens   

 This street-level garden was dug up in 1903 in order to construct the sunk electrical power sub-station for the Westminster Electric Supply Corporation that has remained in situ to the present day. Thanks to the prevalence of good taste, the sight to the public was not forgotten and the opportunity was taken to transform visually an industrial artefact into an architectural feature. To the designs of T Stanley Peach, and with George Trollope & Sons as contractors, around the whirring machinery rose an imaginative composition in Portland stone with a raised, paved Italian garden, providing seating along both sides, and enhanced by a domed neo-Baroque pavilion at either end.

Dog in the garden

Brick-built Greek Catholic place of worship, serving Ukrainian expatriates.

Michael checking his dog picture

Water was trickling down the copper, but it does not show

BELOW LEFT _ The clunky, stainless-steel brute squats atop the facade of London's new Beaumont hotel, as if it had just rocketed down from space and was surveying the area for people to squish under its massive feet. Titled "ROOM," the sculpture is just that a fully operational bedroom, whose interior walls are paneled in classy, ammonia-fumed oak. Of course because it's London, where real-estate insanity knows no bounds, an overnight stay inside the invader isn't free. The cost of entry is 2,500, or about $4,200 for Americans who wish to incinerate their savings accounts.

Unusual building

The Queen of Time, Selfridges, by Gilbert Bayes

Graffiti in the Alley near Grays

River Tyburn in Gray's Antique Centre


Claridge's with floral urns

The Doorman


Psychedelic trainer


Avery Row

from inside

Glad rags

Lancashire Court


He had a house in this row


Copper roof

I love this house and the one below

Winter pansies

Railings reflected

Coach and Horses

Hays Mews

Jasmine flowering in March!

Unusual house

Crystal trees in a basement

Coloured primrose

Toffee nosed?

Beau Brummell and Antony Eden also lived in this street

Shepherd Street

For sale in a shop - we have seen this graffiti elsewhere

To the right of the pub old warehouses

Art Deco owl

We thought they should have reduced the Mother's Day cakes

Magnificent Italian cake is it a green rose or a cabbage?

We had an excellent lunch at the Clarence

Guarding the door at an Hawaiian restaurant


On Jewellery theatre

Artificial flowers

The real thing

Fortnum and Mason's clock

W Hunt - watercolourist

Barrett - watercolourist

Turner - watercolourist

Arch off Piccadilly

Unusual use of colour


Glum Soldier

On the steps of Eros

Golden Girls

The Windmill Nightclub is a castle!

Soho Primary School

The Crown PH

Other side of the Arch off Piccadilly


Lion on Massimo Dutti

Kingly Street

Carnaby Street area

Shakespeare looks on

Pink shop window

Plaque on Liberty's

We walked up to Oxford Circus and home