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Logger above gps below

The Gang of Four took a trip to London for the first time since February.   We took the train to Kentish Town and walked to St. Pancras

Bean About Town coffee stall

Leverton Street

Buddleia on a ledge

Lovely colours

Leverton Street

Falkland Place

Interesting helmet

Best coffee in London


Better hanging from a French bike

Café Renoir


We enjoyed an excellent cup of coffee

Double  yellows

Social distancing for a superhero

Cat artefacts



Good idea

Buddleia on the roof

More beautiful colours

Saint Andrew's Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Horrible building


May take a while to be delivered

What is the mop for?

Which is the best side?

The cardoon, Cynara cardunculus, also called the artichoke thistle, is a thistle in the sunflower family. It is a naturally occurring species that also has many cultivated forms, including the globe artichoke.







This cat gets about

There were South, East and West gates too

Camden Lock

Lock gate






An elephant theme on this building

Green wall at Hawley Crescent

Camden High Street

The Elephant's Head PH


A rainbow crossing in Camden High Street to celebrate Pride month. The permanent crossing is the borough's first of its type and it was installed at the junction of Jamestown Road and Hawley Crescent.

Another elephant

http://www.catfan.co.uk/1.Catfan_camden-lock-2018.htm for a previous visit when there were no bins spoiling the city view

City view

Camden Eye


The Black Cap once a gay bar but closed for some years

Chad Valley Dinosaur £20

Novel barber's chair


Prancing horse

Origami horse

We had a good sandwich lunch in The Cobden

In The Cobden

Richard Cobden, MP, led the fight for the repeal of the Corn Laws


Very small nose or is it broken?



Vivid owl



St Pancras Gardens

Mary Wolstencroft Godwin Memorial Drinking Fountain

Magnificent trees


Beautiful roof

This beech tree will go to a school

Heim (Home) Planet

Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is a shopping complex and privately owned public space that forms part of the King's Cross Central development scheme in London. The development was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and opened in October 2018.

Representing coral

Coal Drops Yard

Old photo

We caught the train within a minute of arrival at the station platform, very pleasing end to a very good day.