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The gps behaved randomly including hits in the North Sea and Germany!   So only 4 hits on the map.  The blue line is the approximate route.

http://www.catfan.co.uk/1.Catfan_shadwell.htm for details of a previous visit in the same area

Royal London Hospital

Not a salubrious place to sit

Wood's Buildings - through the alley to the site of the first Ripper killing

What a lot on offer!

Blue and orange on the new extension to the Royal London Hospital

Wooden structure on roof

There were many legal firms advertising

Victoriana and the Library

Royal London Hospital

Orange and green

Cheese grater and Gherkin

Behind the bollards

On the right ―

The Gang snapping

Pristine curtains

Not a good area for paintwork

Splendid coloured glass

Do not park on the pavement!


Veges in the front garden

The Congregation of Jacob in Cyberspace.   Over 100 years of service to our community - Founded 5663-1903
Using modern technology to bring old tradition to your home

Wonderful chimneys


Young plane tree

A Hattery

Most of the shops sold clothes and seemed to be catering to the Indian and Pakistani market.   Jewish shops must have moved out.

Shop fittings

Handsome chap

Use of balconies

Moslem bas relief?

In a garden

Once a Raine's Boys' School

Locals have been having fun with the signs

Dahlias in a garden

Underneath the arches

Crown and Dolphin (Ratcliff Highway Murders)

More dodgy paintwork


Avenue of trees

Battle of Cable Street


Dome above the altar in Hawkesmoor church - St George in the East


Decorated pillar

Pub sign

Wonky building


Grotty corner


Ginger Tom

Mosque dome

The synagogue is no longer used and the building has been surrounded by the East London Mosque

Academic reading on his horse

An Odd Threesome

The Jewish Daily Post  a short  lived newspaper was produced here.

We had a meal at the Hoop and Grapes

Henry, Sue and Juliet jumped on a tube for Farringdon.   The rest of us went to Blackfriars, then Steve, Peter and I rushed ahead and leapt on a train for St Albans;  we hope everyone else got home safely.   It was a good day out.