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I did not manage my GPS properly and only got a few readings, Peter's map below

We intended to have lunch at the Barnsbury, but we arrived too late after they had stopped serving.   http://www.thebarnsbury.co.uk/ 


In the Angel tubestation



Through a window



Partial escape


Five to eleven

Hanging basket

Face in the window

The plants on the right are buxus sempervirens those on the left are plastic

Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) sculpture

Snoozing in the sun

and in monochrome

Black and white cat

Spindletree (Euonymus europaeus)

Brass in The York PH

We saw a similar car in Hampstead in August

I love this goose


Through the window messily


Pink and green


The Duke of Sussex was a title in the UK Peerage.  It was conferred on 27 November 1801 upon The Prince Augustus Frederick, the sixth son of George III. He was made Baron Arklow and Earl of Inverness, at the same time.   Since he had no legitimate issue, the titles became extinct on his death in 1843.

How much is that doggie below the window?


An eastern cat or Captain Mainwaring?


Oriental cats

English blue?

Coarse glass and pottery

Thick glass


Lights & Balloons

Famous men


Modern flats


St. Peter's Church converted into flats, a gargoyle by the main door.   Rather nice blue edged glass in the windows

Elegant terraces topped off with untidy chimneys

Lovely house behind gated arch

St James Church, Islington

Arlington Square

Fluffy ginger cat

Mina lobata

Attractive basement garden

Skeleton of old baths - look more like railway architecture - in a children's playground

Not Banksy

Watch out for the girls!

Another Stewy

Wording below


287 Upper Street

Dear Santa, I wish for a white Christmas, an end to world hunger, poverty, animal cruelty and a set of Little Mix Dolls

Decorative tile on ex pub Old Parr's Head

Bespoke mice

Anchor stranded cottons

Street fashion

More reflections

Robinia pseudoacacia frisia

For the near sighted

Passiflora caerulea

Some lads outside this house did not want its photo taken

We had a look at the outside of HMP Pentonville, but did not like to take any pictures.  

We returned on the Overground  (rather a nicely designed map on the right) from Brondsbury to West Hampstead and home.