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ickworth house

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A trip organised by St Albans Probus Club on Tuesday 17.9.19

A shapely version of Cedrus libani

Cedrus libani

Colchicum autumnale

Portico and scaffolding

Image result for ickworth house

Without the scaffolding;  picture from the web

Frieze above the door




Pair of Dogs of Fo

The Fury of Athames by John Flaxman RA

Dining Room

Dog of Fo

Very high ceilings in all rooms



China raptor

Card table


Drawing Room

Swan vase

Ant-slavery clock

Miniature Chinese tea set

Baby being carried by a dolphin

Frederick William Hervey 1st Marquess of Bristol MP FRS FSA (1769-1859) as a young man

Frederick William Hervey as an older man

Small silver fishes used to hold snuff or for ladies an etui



William Pitt the younger

Pompeian room

Inlaid table with exquisite detail

Servants' Quarters

Servant's dining room






Loo or possibly more of a water closet

We had hot sausage rolls and soup for lunch;  it could have been better...

Back of the house


Ickworth Hotel

St Mary's Church

Dahlias protected by a wall

Fine scarecrows
It was a great day out, the weather was really pleasant;  Suffolk is not so far away as I thought.