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Logger of the walk below, gps of the sites of the photographs above

The Gang of 4 went on a trip around Highbury and Islington, but we did not visit the Emirates Stadium

Peter's pictures:   http://www.pjspictures.me.uk/!!aHighbury.htm

Some of the cocktails sound interesting...

Bikes, bikes, bikes

Union Chapel

Bin Laden, thanks Steve!

Handsome door

The Four Sisters

Elaborate grill

Fright night

Dancing girl

The water was stagnant and the surrounds were a bit messy so Polaroid transfer seemed a good option.

The New River

The New River

Not open for coffee

An ex cinema?

Rather a good sign

Pleasant Place

Walkies!!!   Stewy's Art

We're a pair!

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Boris & Theresa

Victorian splendour

Mr. Bones

Halloween hat

For Halloween



Islington Green War Memorial

Sir Hugh Myddelton

The Three Wheatsheaves


Camden Passage dogs


The York a Nicholson PH

William Nicholson was educated at Harrow School and Trinity College Cambridge.   He was a member of the family which owned the J&W Nicholson & Co gin distillery based in Clerkenwell and Three Mills.   He was mainly associated with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), of which he was a prominent member; and with Middlesex and Middlesex County Cricket Club (founded during his career in 1863). He was a right-handed batsman and a wicketkeeper who made 148 known appearances in first-class matches, including a number of appearances for the Gentlemen between 1846 and 1858.

Nicholson became a director and then chairman of the distillery and was a benefactor of cricket. In 1863 he acquired Basing Park, Alton, Hampshire. In 1866, when MCC finally purchased the freehold of Lord's Ground, they paid 18,333 6s 8d using money advanced by Nicholson.   He was president of the MCC in 1879. In 1888 Nicholson loaned further monies to secure Henderson's Nursery and in 1889, when the foundation stone was laid for the new Lord's Pavilion, it was paid for by a 21,000 loan from Nicholson.   He was a J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant for Hampshire.

We enjoyed a good lunch.   I had the usual pie and Mortimer's Orchard.   Peter had Gloucester Old Spot sausages and mash with no greens...

We visited Chapel Market

We could not deduce the reason for these trainers

Maybe gang related?

Waiting for a customer

My phone...

Peter realised that he had left his camera bag at the York and went back for it.   Fortunately it was still there.

We went up on the balcony to get a better view


Pretty crescent


Maze details

Phone again...

The Lighthouse

Outside King's Cross by Henry Moore


We stepped straight on to a train;  an excellent finish to a great day out...