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   Peter's pictures

gps of the walk, only two hits!

Logger around Heale's


Promising alley, pity about the clutter

The Court PH



The Cecil Brewer staircase

A bronze cat presides over the staircase it is considered to be the store's mascot

The Cecil Brewer staircase

Furniture floor

To celebrate the centenary of our iconic Cecil Brewer staircase, a few of our favourite designers have decorated  the Healís Cat for charity.  Presiding over a century of design innovation, the Healís cat has remained a feature of the Cecil Brewer staircase since 1916.


Pollock's Toy Museum

The Firzrovia PH


A bit upsetting to the eyes...





Logger in South Kensington

South Kensington

Ice rink at the Natural History Museum

The Mosque

V&A's new courtyard


Science Museum


A confused flour beetle

We enjoyed the RPS

Science Photographer of the Year 2019


Soap bubble structures



V&A Pillar



Hall Science Museum

We had lunch at the 'Hoop and Toy' pub for lunch, I had the usual pie

Natural History Museum 


Folded Gneiss

The vast forces that bend and twist Earth's surface are recorded in these folded bands of light and dark materials, created as the rock was heated and squeezed deep underground.

Woolly rhino



Great Bustard

Hornbills and Shoebill


Charles Darwin

Blue whale and rhino

Fruit bat

The Moon

Missouri Leviathan:  an American mastodon




Blue whale skeleton

We went home via Blackfriars.