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mount pleasant postal museum

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Edward VIII

Edward VIII uncrowned king


Machine for dispensing stamps

Paddington stamps

Clanger stamp

Beatrix Potter's characters stamps

Olympic postbox

We went back into the canteen area and were chuffed to find Steve who had managed to jump on a train to join the visit.
Boot and pistol part of the equipment needed to guard the post

Five-wheeled penny farthing

The Museum of Funeral History in Rosebery Avenue

Jeremy Bentham


Egyptian gods

Eva Peron's Funeral

Funeral music
Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries is the piece of music often requested for a funeral.   The most requested is My Way.
Other popular selections:
Time to say Goodbye
Over the Rainbow
Wind beneath my Wings
The Lord is my Shepherd
Always look on the bright side of life
Stairway to heaven
I will always love you
Non, je ne regrette rien

Viking funeral

We went back to the PO Museum for the train experience

Shop with interesting lamps

Rather fuzzy picture of the underground train

Mailbags awaiting collection

Netting to catch the mail bags

Travelling sorting office


There was lots for children to enjoy, the trucks below operated by a wheel with a handle and a lot of effort.

Two people could race against one another.    The mechanism was rather stiff which made it hard work for the smallest children

I'm driving



Queuing for the train

Projection on the walls

We had a late lunch at The Apple Tree PH

The Apple Tree PH

Henry Moore