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golders hill park

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Logger above gps below

Magdala Pub where Ruth Ellis shot her lover

Plastic flowers

The gardens on the approach to Hampstead Heath were full of flower

Ornamental quince

George Orwell lived here

Start of Hampstead Heath

Views from Parliament Hill - some of the buildings on the map below.  

View from Parliament Hill

We walked across the heath


We saw two jays

Is the blue disc a drainage device...

Love the shadows

Splendid loo

Hazy glimpse of the city

Jack Straw's Castle

Bracket fungi

White dead nettle



Emu running with the deer

Narcissi in the grass

A chicken?

In the Stumpery

This enlarges greatly

Fritillaria imperialis



Bull and Bush where we had a good lunch

Pieris japonica var.

Fritillaria meleagris


Anemone blanda

Tulips alongside the Butterfly House




Emerald swallowtail

Blue Morpho

Small white eggs

Tree Nymph

Asian swallowtail


Egyptian geese

The law


The Pergola 
The Pergola is one of the hidden delights of Hampstead Heath. It overlooks West Heath, and was the dream of William H Lever, later Lord Leverhulme, a wealthy idealist, patron of the arts, architecture and landscape gardening; and Thomas Mawson, the celebrated landscape architect.

The Pergola and Hill Garden were once attached to the Edwardian style mansion, Inverforth House which sits behind it.   A house has sat on the site of Inverforth House since around 1779.   The original Georgian building called 'Hill House' was given in 1807 to Samuel Hoare.

Inverforth House

This dancer was photographing himself

Way down

Nandina domestica

Gothic monstrosity

Charming house

We went home via Hampstead Heath ad West Hampstead