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elephant and castle

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Visit to the Elephant and Castle by the Gang of 4 on 9.10.15 - lots of very blue pictures

The Elephant and Castle

Strata Tower

Strata Tower on the left (picture from the web) a magnificent building in Abu Dhabi

Metropolitan Tabernacle Reformed Baptist Church


Grafitti - Deacon Way

Container art

BB King and smoker


Advertising Elephant Park

The Razor

Side view

English Balcony - East Street

East Street Market

Rummaging and making a decision in East Street Market

Mason's Arms

and a plane

Lace by the metre


Good Intent PH


East Street Market entrance

Buddleias in East Street

We stopped at MacDonald's for coffee and I identified with some shouting kids.

Old and new

The Tankard - Walworth Road

Fag after work

Crampton Street

Reflections in a car door

Pullens Buildings Amelia Street


Small ateliers and a umbrella sculpture / installation

Virginia creeper and smoke bush

Iliffe Street

Iliffe Street

Plaque at Crampton Primary School

Drying the washing

I love this building

Some roses in a front garden  in Canterbury Place

J Brothers' Business's logo

Old lamp

Police Station above - special decorated downspout on the left

Cinema Museum, Dugard Way

Blue plaque - George Finch architect of a terrace in Gilbert Rd

Rowan berries

Outside the pub


Bedlam with the Imperial War Museum Dome behind

Turquoise finger nails

Memorial to the 27 million Soviet citizens who died for the allied victory in WW II

Imperial War Museum


The Shard is always there

Born in Hull started as a stonemason

Plaques on Morley College also artwork below left


The Eye

Place to see the World Cup

The Crown and Cushion

Toucan detail from the pub

Powerful building - The Park Plaza Hotel

Down an alley

Probably for sparrows

Wonderful grafitti in Leake Street under the railway lines leaving Waterloo - see the gps map above



The artists at work

Puddle art

The Eye