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I forgot my logger so I have the gps above and Peter's logger below

The Gang of 4 on 7.8.19.   Peter's pictures:  http://www.pjspictures.me.uk/!!aEaling.htm

Outside the tube station; the pavement might be a bit hard...

3 Amigos

We didn't think much of the binmen, ours are better


Handsome gates

Bird's foot on the lamp

Herb Robert / Geranium robertianum

Dog outside the café where we had a very good coffee

Coach in the childrens' playground

Gunnersbury Park Museum

Light in the museum reception

Colour is all wrong

Better colour



Martin brothers' bird



Colour is all wrong again

Picture of the Mosque

Plaster ducks

Reception light from above

One of the Guides suggested we should see the kitchen before it closed.   It was very worthwhile.   The Rothschilds entertained a lot and the kitchens were state of the art at the time



In the Chef's Room.   I doubt that a Frenchman would have a bowler hat   Grandma had a teapot like this.

The Dining room

Through to the Drawing Room


Ceiling painting in the Long Gallery


Drawing Room

Orangery from the Horseshoe Pond

Orangery and main house


Gunnersbury House

Princess Amelia's Temple

http://www.catfan.co.uk/1.Catfan_acton-mela.htm  which took place in Gunnersbury Park

It was spotting with rain when we arrived at the Rose and Crown for lunch.   I tried a cider 'Cornish Orchard' new to me with a nice sharpness.   The rain had passed by the time we set off after lunch.

Rose and Crown

St. Mary's Church


Attractive street lights

The Castle Inn, another Fuller's Pub

Possibly 'art', more 'art' on the right.

We found out that the Martin's birds were not at Panshanger House Museum any more so we did not go in.


Magnolia grandiflora

Magnolia grandiflora on Panshanger House