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Reflections at Blackfriars tube station

Black Friar pub

Bas relief

Copper notice

Friars around the door

The Black Friar

We had an excellent cup of coffee

Visitor's book

Candles in the grate

Pub interior

Art nouveau horse

Steve and the bollards


Red piles

Statue on a water fountain

Lanterns/ belvederes



Snake seating

St. James's Garlickhythe

Vintners Hall


Cannon Street Station

Early daffs

We felt were in another decade when we walked through Deptford Market

The shop owner warned us off

Crazed glass


Hot peppers- Scott's bonnets


Resplendent materials

Dressed for dinner

Golden Library

Paulownia tomentosa

Flowers from the web

St. Paul's Church

An interesting undertakers

We considered this for lunch

Is this a Vintners swan?

We had a good lunch at the Dog and Bell

St Nicholas's Church

A welcome on the gatepost

Peter the Great (Pinhead?)

His Fool

Laban Dance Studio

Lego flats

Inside the dance studio

We walked back to Deptford Station, then to Cannon Street and then walked to Blackfriars where we picked up our train