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clerkenwell 2

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The Gang of 4 take a walk from City Thameslink to St Pancras on 9th October 2020



St Paul's peeking out

Wonder what these are for?


Geranium Roxanne



Silver birches

High Holborn


St Andrew's Courthouse

St Andrew Church Holborn;  with bluecoat pupils

The medieval St Andrew's survived the 1666 Great Fire of London, saved by a last minute change in wind direction, but was already in a bad state of repair and so was rebuilt by Christopher Wren anyway.   In what is his largest parish church, he rebuilt from the foundations (creating the present crypt) and gave the existing medieval stone tower (the only medieval part to survive) a marble cladding.

The organ is a 20th C instrument in an 18th C casing.   It was built by Mander Organs in 1989

External sculpture

Ely Place


To The Mitre sadly not open for coffee



The Mitre PH


Bas relief

Too much bling...

Appealing penthouse

White Horse Alley

Basset Hound


White Horse Alley full of cows

All masked up

Door to a Penthouse.   Also address of the surgery in Robert Galbraith's novel 'Troubled Blood'

The Jerusalem Tavern 1720

Charming garden

Laurel and Hardy

Space-age Play Park

Exmouth Arms where we had a poor lunch

A new loo being fitted

Handsome Police Station

Des reses

Love the weathervanes

The forecast said rain at 14.00 so we went home a bit early and the rain started a few minutes early while we were on the train