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Walk from Bank to Farringdon.   Log of the trip; only 4 gps points registered on the whole day so no map.

The Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange was founded in the 16th century by the merchant Sir Thomas Gresham on the suggestion of his factor Richard Clough to act as a centre of commerce for the City of London.

War memorial

Pillars and roof


Canisters of tea

This enlarges


Bank of England

Cutter & Squidge

Bank of England Museum


My software would not process pictures of banknotes, so these pictures are not properly squared up

We all managed to lift the bar which weighed 28lbs, worth 361,000.00

Geometric lathe designed decorative patterns for the notes

Complicated keys

Kenneth Graham worked at the Bank

He could just move it a tiny amount

Aerial cut-away perspective of the Bank of England as completed by John Soane

We had a coffee under the bowlers


Figure on the outside of the Dutch Church



Wall hanging

Vivid stained glass in the Dutch Church

No entry

The Worshipful Company of Carpenters is a livery company of the City of London.   The Carpenters were traditionally different from the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers, in that carpenters utilised nails while joiners used adhesives.

The organisation existed in 1271; it received a Royal Charter of incorporation in 1477. The Company no longer has a role as a trade association of tradesmen it acts as a charity and supports education in wood-related fields.

Finsbury Circus

Royal Artillery Company and crest below

Daniel Defoe

John Bunyan's tomb

We had lunch here

Two Brewers



Passing up the planks

Whitecross Street Market


Ranunculus asiaticus


Charterhouse Gate

The Jerusalem Tavern

We stepped straight onto a train at Farringdon