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christmas lights

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gps and logger for the trip

We caught the 3.18 train and arrived in central London to capture the lights

Oxford St lights

We had a lot of trouble with cars and people moving into the picture


Selfridge's Window Displays

Blue South Molton Street

Unmatching socks...!

Good use for certifiable socks

Current fashion trend

In New Bond Street

Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell'

There seems to be a story about a white mouse

Smooth jacket

Angels in Regent Street

Opposite to Carnaby Street

Small coffee bar where we had a welcome cup

I paid 50p for a visit to an expensive loo;  the boys preferred to cross their legs

Spirit of Soho mural


Union flag and Carnaby

The bulbs changed colour, but the bulbs photographed white whilst their colours were transferred on to the buildings

Loving parrots

We would have liked to have a meal in the area, but so many people were celebrating Friday that there was no room for us.   We decided to eat at St Pancras

Carnaby Street

Glass decoration

Busy PH

Barber's boots

Piccadilly Circus

We had a good meal at King's Cross and caught a fast train home.   The pictures came out a lot better than I thought they would.