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canary wharf lights

Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

Logger above, gps below

Bill Cooper's pictures

1 Blackfriars Shakespeare bin Birches

Blackfriars Bridge

Proud of his cart

Busker hitting the ground with his left foot to create a really strong beat

Millennium Bridge

Appealing house

Clink Museum

Golden Hind

Shard and Southwark Cathedral

Intriguing doorway?

Sound orange or possibly O T T

Silver Shard

Canary wharf Station

The domes changed colour

Red chairs


Big Easy

People moving blocks in the installation

Lights in the water


Bus piano

One Canada Square tunnel

Colours in the tunnel

Blue light

More blue

The roof garden

The image of the woman on the left was transferred onto the wall and then the extras were added with a pink wand.
The squiggles are reflected in the water.   The shapes are generated in a control box.


Changing pictures on a dress

Along the corridor

Clones by Joachim Slugocki

 Reflecting Holons by Michael Martens & Jetske Visser

The pastel version

Loo Doors


Fire water




Canary Wharf Station

We had a meal at the Nicholson's Henry Addington  PH.   They had sold out of many of their pies and the cooking was not as good as usual.   The cider (Mortimer's Orchid) was fine.


Mortimer's Orchard stands on Marcle Ridge, looking down on the remains of Mortimer's castle built by the real Earl of Mortimer in the 11th century. Many battles have taken place there over the years as the Mortimers fell in and out of favour with the Crown. These days rows of soldiers have been replaced with rows of apple ...

Work of Art


I could not step back far enough to get all of the reflection in the picture


Sitting on a bench

Amazingly the bridge did not wobble...

We went home via Bank and only had 3 minutes to wait at St. Pancras for a direct train home.   High ISOs made for less than perfect pictures, but I enjoyed the outing.