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The Gang of Four went up to London on damp and surprisingly cold day

The sky was not this blue

Thumbs up for Tony's Heel Bar


Attractive row of houses

Second class men had attractive women round their doorway: first class men had old men around theirs, so justice is sometimes done

Kelly Street

Children's playground with mosaic and drinks-can lanterns

Him BAD! - Kingsland Road

Excellent raccoons on Leybourne Road

Cats are everywhere!

Another nice little cat

Love this one

Artist and work in progress

this does not enlarge


Is there a Queen in the fishes?

South American?

More of those cats costumes with the real cat inside

Steve and the monkeys

Don Quixote

Rattus norvegicus

Bush baby or cat?


Peter, Michael and the Lion

Lion and the bus

Clubs and lights

Chinese dragons



Tree of life with peacocks and monkeys

Chinese lanterns

Wonderful lights

Stables shops

Unfortunate place for a bolt

Carved horses

Entrance shopping centre

Amy Winehouse

When I looked at Peter's web page, I realised that I had lost half of my pictures - a download malfunction.   I realised what I had done after formatting the disk so the pictures are irretrievable...