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bethnal green

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gps above, logger below


The Gang of Three went up to London on a damp day with an occasional sprinkle of sunshine.   It was delightfully cool but wet...

The colouring in the tunnel to Granary Square is now vivid

Prettier pastel colouring at


A memorial paying tribute to the 173 people who died in the Bethnal Green Tube disaster during World War Two.   27 men, 84 women and 62 children were killed when 300 people were caught in a crush in the east London Tube entrance on 3. 3. 43.   The Crowds were rushing into the underground when one woman tripped, causing other people to fall and they were crushed in the pitch black.   It was estimated about 300 people were wedged in the stairwell which measured about 4.5 metres by 3.4 metres (15 ft by 11 ft).  

The Stairway to Heaven Memorial was unveiled at a ceremony attended by survivors of the tragedy.

Umbrella man

London Buddhist Centre

A Buddha sculpted by Chintamani, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order

mats and cushions in the prayer rooms

Another Buddha by Chintamani

Tiger lilies

A well named pub

Wonderful mosaics outside

Globe Primary School

Maud Milton Mosaics and Artyface

The theme was animals from around the globe as it was for Globe Primary School, and everything in the design was drawn by children in Artyface workshops. Hundreds of patterned handmade ceramic tiles were made with the very youngest children to include in the mosaic.

With a team of 2 of the regular Artyface crew, Maud and up to 8 volunteers put the mosaics up then grouted and polished them. The gorgeous mosaics attracted volunteers to help work from the neighbourhood as young as 6 and up to 50. One elderly gentleman must have been in his late 80ís stopped to praise the work, he had attended the school and even slept and lived in it during the war when his family lost not one but 2 homes in the Blitz.

We would like to thank Ardex, Fired Earth and Reed Harris tiles for donations of materials as well as the fabulous volunteers who have helped to make this project even better and bigger than it would have otherwise have been. Also special thanks to the school for generously putting the mosaic outside on the street, and to all who laid a tile from every child, teacher, parent, caretaker, cooks and all: you know who you are!

Quite right!

Traditional Pub

Some camels

Houses above put up by the East End Dwellings Co. Ltd.

Tree trunk embedded in the railings

Blue door

Tower Hamlet's York Hall

Another old fashioned pub

Museum of Childhood

Beaky family

Magnificent space

Pile of pirates

Dolls' House

A Boy in a Top Hat by John Opie RA


V & A Museum of Childhood

Alley in the rain

Hearse waiting for the coffin




Waiting outside the pub

Pie and mash


Be aware of bees

More bee promotion

Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FLS FZS FSA FRSGS

Somber building and graffiti



Shouting match

Kat's car

Bottle too indistinct

We had an expensive and not very tasty lunch at 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' in Shoreditch

Jump bike and Pride bike

Lines and bikes


Lots of graffiti around Shoreditch High Street

Snake tail

We visited

Brick Lane

graffiti now quite as exciting as sometimes


Twinned with a lamp post in Athens Greece

Hermit crab



Another wonderful eye


What are they filming for?

We set off home from Aldgate East and arrived home just before it rained very heavily