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Flowers at Vauxhall


Window cleaner

St Georges Wharf SW8


Work of Art?

Vauxhall Tower

Brunswick House

Prime dandelions

First view of the American Embassy

An Owl

Battersea Power Station



Cladding from the side

Vauxhall Tower and the American Embassy

Waterfall into the canal

Modern Marriage, Simon Fujiwara (2014)
takes the form of a large Romanesque foot with a wedding ring embedded into the sole.   Described as a reflective piece, it is in keeping with the often highly autobiographical and emotive nature of Fujiwara’s work.


The most pleasing aspect of the Embassy

Array of red buses

Specie crocus

Don't sit here...

Bonnington Square

The Oval - Surrey CC


We walked around a museum about gin then heard about the making and flavouring

A creative way of getting your gin  The original vending machine, the Puss and Mew machine, was in the shape of a cat. Its tail was a pipe. If you wanted gin, you whispered “puss”. If the seller had gin to give, the cat would say “Mew”. When you put money into the mouth of the cat, some gin would come out of the tail. 

Henry Fielding published an attack on gin abuse

Bottle design over the years

Bottle sizes

Old vats no longer used

Our tour guide

Gin fractions at 4 hour intervals

The full strength gins were diluted with water.   The first gin went cloudy the others gradually less so.   We smelt each one;  I preferred the first one.

G & T

Beefeater building

We had a sandwich lunch here.   I had Founder's reserve cider- a first.

Unusual building

Lunchtime in Vauxhall gardens

Entrance to Vauxhall Gardens

Recovery vehicle

Plane tree fruits