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around st. paul's

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The buildings were too tall and close to allow the gps to work on the early part of the walk.   Below, is a map of the first part of the walk.


Boris bus

Glimpse of St. Paul's

Old fashioned sweet shop

Inside the sweet shop

We had lunch here

High Key St. Paul's


Wardrobe Place

Wardrobe Place


Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum


Interesting window


Lovely yard - acers and heucheras

St. Andrew's Church

Totem Pole

I don't know what this is about

The wet pavement showed the stone to advantage

Invader is the pseudonym of a French urban artist, born in 1969, who pastes characters from and inspired by the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders, that are composed of small coloured square tiles forming a space invader character mural mosaic.

Entrance to Apothecaries' Hall from Black Friars Lane

Courtyard at Apothecaries Hall

Planting in a lead container

Worshipful Company of Spectacle makers

Apothecaries' Jars

Apothecaries' coat of arms

The Society's Coat of Arms, dated 12 December 1617, is signed by William Clarenceux King of Arms. It features Apollo (the god of healing) killing the dragon of disease, supported by two unicorns (from King James's royal arms), and a rhinoceros as the crest (the powdered horn was believed to be medicinal). The motto, from the first book of Ovid's 'Metamorphoses', translates: "I am spoken of all over the world as one who brings help"   They should remove the rhino, it gives the wrong message

Just texting

Table & Chairs

Infra red

Barbed wires

Hare & Tortoise logo

Very attractive 'fence' in Bridewell Place


Ambulance Bikes

'Prison', Police Box and happy workers


The Old Bell


Glamorous lighting

Old Cheshire Cheese

Hodge and an oyster


Mini waterfalls


Rampant Lion

Modern version of a Classic

Baroque heels

These massive stainless steel sculptural artworks near St Paul’s Cathedral are both art and function – for they are also ventilation shafts for an electricity substation in the basement underneath.   When the offices were being redeveloped in the late 1990s, with the controversy of the intervention by the Prince of Wales behind them, what modern offices need is lots more electricity.   That calls for additional substations to be built in the City, and one is located here, underneath the pavement.

Pillars of St. Paul's

The gps started to work by St. Paul's statue

Portico St. Paul's

St. Paul and his Cathedral

Astrological clock

Long View St. Paul's

Flower box

Crossing the bridge



Wonderful steel musician

With and without Steve

I always take this view and treat it in the same way

St. Paul's


Phormium tenax possibly 'Sundowner' or 'Jester' in the bedding which now seems to be mostly perennial.

We picked up the train at Blackfriars admiring the new station, we had to walk quickly to catch our train.