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The gang of 4 went o a trip organised by the Old Flames.   Photography was difficult with massive ISOs and bright lights 

Peter's pictures at:  http://www.pjspictures.me.uk/!%20%20%20PJP_Acton.htm Steve's at:   http://stevehamill.com/Steve_Hamill_Photography/Gallery/Pages/Acton_Town_Transport_Museum.html

In Transport History circles, FRED IVEY, who showed us round the museum is a much respected transport historian and photographer as well as being a published author with books to his credit.   Many of his photographs have also been used by other authors in their publications.

Fred is 90 years of age this month having been born in July 1926.   He spent most of his working life as a booking clerk at various Underground stations except for 3 years from 1944 to 1947 when he was “called up” as a “Bevan Boy” in the South Wales coalfield – quite a tough existence as the mines there were never as modern as most of the others elsewhere.  

There is an audio visual presentation on You Tube recorded only recently in which Fred describes his time in the 1940s digging for coal. Examples of Fred’s photo, video and written work can be found on You Tube by simply Googling “Fred Ivey”.


We went by tube to Acton Town then walked to the Museum


Ticket offices

Floral logos

Modern livery


All about colour

Inside a carriage

Volunteer restoring

Burnt-out carriage awaiting restoration


Inside the replica coach constructed in Wales


and fastening

Metropolitan 3

and crest

1956/7 - RM 2, SLT 57. London Transport's second AEC prototype Routemaster


General Open Top Motor Bus - In service 1920 - 1932. Successor to the B-type, the K-type had a more powerful engine. The K-Type established the layout of a modern bus.

Battle bus that went to war



Above right   London Transport 1768 (HYM 768) a 1948 BUT 9641T trolleybus with Metro-Cammell 70-seater bodywork being of Class Q1

Above left   Feltham Tram 1931 - 1952 in London afterwards in Leeds & Sunderland

A1 type Trolley bus

Single Decker with an American Indian logo

Grey-Green - bus and coach operator based in Stamford Hill.

Chassis and engine

Tilling Stevens being restored

Horse-drawn Omnibus


LGOC B-type bus London General Omnibus Company New to London General Omnibus Company in 1911 as B340.


After an enjoyable but protracted tour we went to the Red Lion and Pineapple, a Weatherspoon's pub in Acton High Street.   It is named after two pubs which were once in the vicinity.   Using an app of Steve's we found South Acton Station on the Overground and got home in good time.