Stoke Bruerne

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stoke bruerne - village at war

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We parked in a field and walked in to the village


A very tasteful duck-house

Army boxes

A chihuahua and his owner

Local Defence Volunteer



Uncomfortable underwear

Plate cameras and Rolleis used in the modern reincarnation of Picture Post

40s PICTURE POST   www.40spicturepost.co.uk   for the quarterly magazine for 1940s Re-enactors

Basic underwear

Flash bulbs and photographic plates

Royal typewriter and vintage telephone

Our Soldiers & a member of the Free French

Loving couple

The chihuahua man again

Smooth blonde

Sir Winston Churchill and King George VI & bodyguard


Steve and a Chelsea Pensioner

King George VI stuttering through his speech


Pink sunhat

French style

Union penant

Pink hat

Decorative knotting

Cadet corps

Family living space on a long boat

What is it?


Barge dolls - possibly Rosie and Jim

An Australian toy

Cat watching the dogs go past.   We saw her hunting in the meadow by the canal


Blue barge

Group of enactors



Knitter by the blacksmith

'Charlie' the barge

Pity about the feet;  they were too speedy...


Patriotic chair

Turning a barge

Teddy in the basket

Sir Winston on the 'Charlie'

Army bike

Singing and dancing

We had a good lunch of steak and ale pies and hamburgers in the Navigation, fortunately just ahead of the rush.

Rusty old barge


On guard


Jeep and Chelsea Pensioner

Describing the weapons

Rifle drill


Fox chases a pig

Austin 7


Another Austin 7



Rover 14 (P2) Six Light Saloon

Ford CX Tourer


A professional

Orange rose

Decorated van


Having a group photo

The lochside

Me and my people

Spiv and his girl

In the museum

Canal route

Disgusted of Stoke Bruerne

Pity about the flag


Naomi and Irene having cake and maybe some chocolate...

We went home to start on processing our pictures.   It was a good day very well organised by the people of Stoke Bruerne and all the people who came along dressed appropriately added to the occasion.