St James's

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st. james's

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The Gang of Four enjoyed a walk around St. James's in the sun which was very enjoyable, but not so good for the quality of the snaps

Peter's pictures at:  http://pjspictures.me.uk/!.PJP_Picadilly.htm

Chinthe a mythical beast -  guardian of Burmese Temples

Chindit Badge

A protestor in support of a Sikh prisoner Professor Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar

Victorian Foreign and Commonwealth Office with goddesses representing  Australasia (above) with kangaroos and sheep.   Below Europe with a horse and a galleon for colonising?


Self portrait

Driving in the Park

Over-exposed pelicans

The Goose was very keen on its bit of grass

Iris sibirica hybrid

Fairy castle or Government Offices

Enclosed by the Wheel

A coot brings a stick for the nest and presents it to his mate

Moving house

Aquilegia hybrids

The mounted police kept the traffic back






Egyptian goose kicking off

Concentrating on the shot


Coots bonding


Aquilegia dragonfly hybrid

Identify the guards by their buttons
Grenadier Guards Single buttons
Coldstream Guards Tunic buttons in pairs
Scots Guards In threes
Irish Guards In fours
Welsh Guards In fives

Welsh Guards' Band

Coldstream Guardsman


School party enjoying the Guardsman


Coldstream Guardsman

Wonderfully shiny shoes with great reflections and thick soles maybe to keep the shine out of the mud...

Coldstream Guardsman

Coldstream Guardsman

The History of the Townhouse, Pickering Place (above centre right)

Pickering Place itself offers a tantalising glimpse of a bygone age. The site was at one time part of the medieval maidens' leper colony of St Stephen's. Later, the edifice of Henry VIII's tennis court occupied much of 3 St James's Street and part of this structure, built in 1531, can be viewed whilst walking down the passage from St James's Street to the Pickering Place.

The present square was completed by the family back in 1734 and comprised the four houses still standing to this day.

At that time Pickering Place was given over to sports such as dog-fighting, bearbaiting, cock-fighting and even bare knuckle boxing, all providing an active if vivid passing trade for Berry Bros. Before the close of the 18th century the final duel with swords was fought to the death inside the discrete perimeter of the square, and a further duel was fought with pistols as late as the middle of the 19th century. Today, Pickering Place is a rather more tranquil spot but one which retains much memory of its former days.

Pickering Place

Stylized images of the palms decorating the court

Bike and Geraniums only needs a straw hat and basket

Not a single straight line

Bas relief in Pickering Place


Cigar purveying gentlemen


The decor toned with the shirts in the window

Beau Brummell

Arcade - we decided against buying anything this time

We had lunch at Café Nero and then had a look in St. James's Church next door


The arms belong to the Stuart Kings

Bunting by market stalls at the back of the church

Plates and bowls

Replica stamps from old designs

Blue Bus

Fortnum's Clock

Royal Academy mural


Burlington Arcade and smooth shoes

Professional photo-shoot

Two old buffers, actually  Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

Dinosaur bags


The most wonderful planting


A hairy white foxglove

Wonderful window-box

Enjoying the sun

Shepherd's Tavern and the pub sign on the right depicted in horse and cart days

Thai emblem

The Hilton

Reflection for Steve

War Memorial

Horses don't cross

Bomber Command War Memorial


On their way to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party or going home?

The windows vary on each storey

Lovely glass


More art

Eisenhower outside the USA Embassy

A slim Tardis


The picture on the left is not as sharp as it should be as the tube train lurched, but I still like it best!   Michael speaks no evil!