St Pancras Hotel

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st. pancras hotel

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We had a Costa coffee and walked around St Pancras before going into the hotel for a very interesting tour organised by HELC

The British Library

Tree outside the Library


Site of 'Newton''


St Pancras from in front of the British Library

'Work of Art' outside the Shaw Theatre

Cleaning Windows

We had lunch here at the Rocket PH after the tour

Georgian Street - Duke's Road

St Pancras Church

Woburn Walk

'Charlie Chaplin'

St Pancras Church on the Euston Road was made in Classic Greek Temple style with a row of beautiful hand maidens supporting the projecting alcoves. The statues were made of Coade's artificial stone which took three years to make. They were brought to the church looking dainty until they were ready to be put into place. Mr. Charles Rossi, their builder, found that the measurements were a little out and try as he may, could not get them to fit. With a large crowd bemused at his misfortune, Rossi needed to act rather quickly to regain his self respect. He preformed a miracle operation with 12 inches being extracted from their midriff. As the traffic on the boarders of the congestion zone slowly pass by, I wonder how many notice the out of proportion ladies that just don't look quite right.

There is a photographer about

All join in the snapping

Des res at St Pancras Church

London Fire Brigade Fire Station

St Pancras Church - Regency style

We met up with the other members of HELC at the entrance to St Pancras Hotel

Floral decorations



Lion on the pillars

Our guide

Magnificent frontage

Main staircase wide enough for two crinolines

The original colours have been restored


Original ceiling and bells


Handsome ceiling

HELC members

Views up and down the staircase

Through the glass doors

View down the stairs

The coat of arms in the centre in the right hand picture features the towns that paid for the original hotel.   Bradford and Leeds paid, but the line did not serve their towns.   There is a wyvern above the shield 


Le Roman de la Rose

Old-fashioned radiator

View onto the entrance

Eurostar trains


New decor

Sitting down for a minute in the Giles Gilbert Scott Suite

Lamp in room

Bedroom - the room had a high ceiling and an en-suite bathroom partitioned off.

The proportions of the room were spoiled by the partitioning;  the ceiling was too high and en-suite was ugly

We took a few pictures in St Pancras station then went to find lunch

Girls watching Betjeman

The Rocket - lunch place

We went on to Tower Hill to have a last look at the poppies.   There were crowds of people there.

Bad weather coming

Planting the last few poppies

Home via Aldgate and the Gherkin