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We took the Park and Ride into the centre of Oxford


The Oxford ox

St. Aldate's Tavern

A trike and bikes

Saint Aldate (died 577) was a bishop of Gloucester, venerated as a saint with the feast day of February 4.   Aldate's life is not detailed historically, but he was probably a Briton killed by the Anglo-Saxons at Deorham.   He is reported to have roused the countryside to resist pagan invasion forces.   He is mentioned in the Sarum and other martyrologies;  his feast occurs in a Gloucester calendar (14th-century addition);  churches were dedicated to him at Gloucester and Oxford, as well as a famous Oxford street: St Aldate's, Oxford and a minor street in Gloucester.   But nothing seems to be known of him:  it was even suggested that his name was a corruption of 'old gate'.   from Wikipedia

Strip lights


Tourist bus - anyone sitting on the top deck must have been frozen solid


The college gateways all had wonderful ceilings this may be Pembroke College

We had a good cup of coffee here after our circular walk

Iris reticulata hybrid

Christchurch College

Only one car!

Another gateway ceiling

Pelican associated with Corpus Christi College

Old oak door

College servants' HQ

Wonderful door - Oriel College

Colourful houses

Michael snapping

More colourful houses in Oriel Street

Harmonious pink houses

Old pump

Pan with his pipes

Student attic accommodation

Radcliffe Camera


Smug Sir Thomas Bodley

Decoration towards the top of the tower at the Bodleian

St Martin and the beggar

Hunting horn


Bridge of Sighs


Sheldonian Theatre

Greek portico to the Ashmolean Museum

Figures from the periphery of the Sheldonian Theatre.   We had an excellent lunch at the White Horse in Bridge Street

Demon in a cage

More brightly coloured houses

Rather a grubby exit


Handsome building and some sunshine

3 Fishes

Forerunner of razor wire

Carved lion

Nissan maxima estate


Wonderful old tree

Art work or bird's work

Don't park your bike here

St. John's

Entrance to Taylor Institution


Sky is a bit over the top


St. Michael's

Medieval building corner of Ship Street

Busking amid the bikes

Oxford Museum


The Old Tom Pub & Old Tom

Tom Tower is a bell tower in Oxford, named for its bell, Great Tom.   It is over Tom Gate, on St. Aldates, the main entrance of Christ Church, Oxford, which leads into Tom Quad.


Bishop on the (ex) Brothel

Victorian Brothel by the river Isis - probably now flats

Yard on the water for the Brothel customers?

Lion with bone

Up river

We picked up the park and ride bus outside Inspector Morse's old office. 

Michael, Peter and Helen had a worry free journey home thanks to Steve's excellent driving.