Notting Hill

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notting hill

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Steve, Peter and Helen travelled hopefully despite one rail line being out of commission.   We were not held up.

The gps only worked for the middle section of the walk;  we walked from Westbourne Park to Shepherd's Bush

Sinister bridge to the Meanwhile Gardens


Skeleton bike

Blue - down at heel boat


Graffiti reflections

Nature reserve


More graffiti and reflections

This slide looked fun!

Trellick Tower

Earl of Portobello

The Queen

Amy Winehouse

Rusty bridge


Is this a gang marker?


Oils in a Cash and Carry

Made of shells

We saw Moroccan, Turkish and Italian shops, we had coffee in the Lisboa Cafe, a Portuguese cafe.   Lunch was interesting all day breakfasts in Gails which specialised in breads of all sorts including spelt, quinoa, rye and interesting combinations.   http://www.gailsbread.co.uk/bakeries

Black sculls


Dresses to repel attention

Emerald boots

More blue

Lamp and heater

Man and his dog reflected in the car too


Individual decoration

Artwork by Nadia Hammoud (UV Prints on Birch ply)

They are the drinks of first meetings and old reunions, rivals and lovers, enemies and friends, the poor and the affluent.   The smell and taste can remind you of home, holidays and endless moments.   The work is a mix of documentary, photography and scenes of fictions centred around Tea & Coffee.   Commissioned by KENSINGTON & CHELSEA

Shops on Portobello Road


In memory of the two murdered PCs

Covered market

Wooden hares

The display in a boutique in a arcade of artisan shops

Spanish Civil War

Colourful tunnel

Dangerous position for this bear on the front of a van


Beautifully painted houses above in Cambridge Gardens



Madam Sophie's

Spotted laurel

Camellia - mainly in the areas of larger houses


Welly boots

The Portobello

Red and Blue

Eryngium species

Camera stall

Blue Alley

Homage to Marilyn

The shop was entirely enclosed with sewing machines

Portobello Road

Lamp and shadows


Our lunch menu

New use for a 'phone box


Unusual decoration or air bricks...

Pooch's parlour

I love this house

Virginia Antiques in Portland Road

Near here was the French patisserie where we bought some macaroons at Christmas