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The gang of four intended to go on the Emirates Airline, but it was being maintained


Outside the O2

NO CLIMBING on Kebony’s KREOD sculpture

4282 km to the North Pole

Twisted spire

The Dome

Art or a new barrier

Peter and the walkway


Quantum Cloud by Gormley

Alder cones reminiscent of the Gormley

Emirates Airline

Tower of the Emirates Airline

Michael and Steve

We had some coffee in an amusingly decorated coffee shop

Quite the most tasteless building, how can it be a College of Design!

In the tube

Cutty Sark


The Cutty Sark from the shop which sold ship's cats and rats.  We had a sandwich lunch at the Spanish Galleon Pub

We did not treat the cats

Reflective heart

I did not get a decent shot in Greenwich market

Pity about the white van

Window box

Box heart

Reflection in the mirror

The ceiling

Greenwich College

Electric candle


Wonderful model


It only needs a princess

Greenwich Chapel

Greenwich Chapel

The organ


Wood carving


We picked up the train at Greenwich on the Southern line and then changed at London Bridge where we only waited for 1 minute for a fast train.