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The green sky comes from a polaroid tranfer filter

The main street seemed to have all the banks lined up in a row

Lady Godiva

Eagle & Elephant

Lady Godiva again


The New

The Old

Eco Homo

Not sure that the black shape is attractive from this view...

'Reconciliation' a sculpture made after the Second World War by Josefina de Vasconcellos

St. Michael and the Devil

Old and new

22 Bayley Lane

'The Cottage' built about 1500 is the only remaining example of numerous medieval timber framed houses which stood in this area.   Notable for its original carved and traceried woodwork.  

Chimneys were added in the 17th Century and the shop window is early 19th Century.

The Golden Cross, one of the oldest pubs in Coventry that has been serving  alcohol for longer than most places in England.




Head of Christ

Stained glass in Coventry Cathedral



Baptistry Window

An enormous window dominating part of the cathedral.   Note the tiny people at the bottom of the image.

The organ


Very 'noisy' picture


Graham Sutherland's tapestry

King and Angel

Men and Angels

16.06 hours but almost dark