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Steve Hamill, Michael Shaw, Peter and Helen Cullens caught the train to take pictures in the rain.   We had hoped to take pictures in Leather Lane, but very few stalls were set up and there were very few customers about.   However we looked around for shots and despite the weather did well.   The first shot on the right was a good omen for things to come.   We had an excellent lunch in the Curved Angel Cafe:  http://www.curvedangel.co.uk/

See also Peter's pictures at:  http://pjspictures.me.uk/1.PJP_London9.htm  and Steve's at:  http://www.stevehamill.com/     Michael's pictures below this table

The Mitre - it was too early to visit

Horror film set?

De Vere Venues - Holborn Bars in the Prudential Building

Reflections in the wet

Prudential courtyard

Italian Church

Oil on water in the road outside the Curved Angel - passers by thought we were nuts taking this.

3 Kings Pub - Elvis, King Kong and Henry VIII

What are these boot for?

Sunflower and spikes

Autumn leaves hanging on into March

Solarised alley

Graphic Firm

Model of a Crusader Church in  Knights of St John Museum

St. John's Ambulance Staff

Top quality loo at the museum

The design of the new Link Gallery incorporates the sixteenth century wall of the Gate's East Tower.   It is under glass.

Abraham and Isaac?

Tiles of old woodcuts?

Camellia in the Museum Garden

Steve is taking a shot through the kiosk door

Roof at Smithfield

The picture on the left was taken in March 2007.   The Little Britain notice has been moved.   The picture on the right is the other side of the alley on the left.

Caged animals

We were disappointed with the availability of loos.   One was shut, no reason given, no advice about another location.   Two super loos were not working.

The picture on the right shows available loos and bikes just what is wanted everywhere.   Barts is nearby and there are a couple of buses too.

Pictures by Michael

Pit stop for the Cabbies

Hotel decorative detail

Lion and Unicorn

Oil slick

Serving us

Courtroom stairs

Clerkenwell Courthouse

Little and Large


Boris Bikes

Old and New