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home outings


Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture, then on on the top LHS of the screen to return to this page.

The gps failed in lots of places

Medieval Cottages only about 15 ft in depth.

Gothic Revival Catholic Church built in the late 19th Century

Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs

Catalpa bignonioides - Indian  Bean Tree - with its beans


Downing College - imposing classical architecture with many interesting trees and plantings in the grounds

The Library

Downing College

Prairie Planting around the courtyard

Courtyard with tables and chairs along one side

Stipa elegantissima

Gargoyles on the church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs

Monsters, dragons, lions, bats and cats with people's and eagle's feet - possibly all meant to be devils

Our Lady and the English Martyrs

Stained glass in Our Lady and the English Martyrs

The Band ringing

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

Botolph Lane

Tidy Bikes

St Bene't's

Protest in the Square enlarges a lot more


Much photographed boxes

No cycles to be fixed to these railings or to this wall

Geometric Bridge

Punts at the Anchor PH


Canna Lily


Ice Cool King's College

Church of St Edward King and martyr - two pictures combined

Church's garden door

Hypericum in the garden

Photographic opportunity

Bell-ringing at St Edward King and Martyr

King's College



Pillar boxes and bikes

Great St. Mary

Interesting windows

Great St. Mary

Yoga addict

King's College backlit by sunlight

Map of Cambridge in relief for the blind

The Gate of Honour  - back gate of Gonville & Caius